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Yes, You Can Still Travel to Cuba Legally!

7 July 2019

Many of the people that I come in contact are concerned about the legality of traveling to Cuba.  Recently, President Trump announced new restrictions.  However, the new policies only apply the educational People to People Category.  American travelers can still travel to Cuba under the other eleven approved categories.  Most commonly used is “Support for the Cuban People https://lettycuba.com/tours-to-cuba/individual-travel/.  Indeed, the safest way for American travelers to travel to Cuba is with the advice of an expert like Letty’s Cuba Travel.  For instance, utilizing the services of private providers like Bed and Breakfasts, cars, guides and restaurants is an excellent way to start your compliance.  In addition, our tours take you to the home of a Cuban family in a suburb of Cuba.  As a result, you have a chance to connect with the people and add more qualifying hours.

At the same time, travelers also enjoy UNESCO Heritage Sites and breathtaking country sites.  Also, we include cultural rich activities that enrich your Cuba travel experience.  Don’t be afraid of traveling to Cuba.  Be an informed traveler and let Letty’s Cuba Travel organize your amazing Cuba journey! https://lettycuba.com/contact-us/