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El Carbon Restaurant: Havana’s Best Cuisine

Traveling to Havana soon? Don’t miss the best Havana Restaurant: Chef Ivan’s exceptional culinary experience at El Carbon! I have dined at this cozy, lively, havana restaurant in many occasions with friends, family and business clients. When I thought that the flavor couldn’t get any better, each menu item that I tried recently blew my […]

Yes, You Can Still Travel to Cuba Legally!

The new policies only apply to the educational People to People Category. American travelers can still travel to Cuba under the other eleven approved categories. Most commonly used is “Support for the Cuban People.

When is The Best Time to Visit Cuba?

Travelling to Cuba is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only is it a wonderful country, with a fantastic atmosphere that infects travellers from the first moment they step on it. In addition, Cuba has dreamy beaches, very rich and varied gastronomy, splendid coffee and beautiful natural parks.

Havana in February: Havana International Book Fair

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” Mark Twain

Ah! The sweet scent of a fresh new book. Nothing like fostering the habit of reading to get those New Year vibes going and open our minds to new horizons and possibilities.

Why Havana is The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

When we think of getaways it’s ok to think of alluring destinations and dreamlike landscapes. A getaway can be any place that helps us see our current life under a new set of eyes. But, there’s so much more to getaways, and when it comes to romantic getaways, there’s this feeling of starting again.

That’s when a trip to Havana comes to mind.

Jazz Festival of Havana 2019

Havana Tour Jazz Festival of Havana

If I could reincarnate, I would love to be a piano – Chucho Valdés.

Jazz is with no doubt, a turning point for music lovers. A taste only a few would acquire because only a few would learn to listen. Jazz is complex, jazz is simple, jazz is life in its purest way, a gathering of diversity and culture in one genre.

4 Must-See Museums in Cuba for History Buffs

Do you love history? Would you mind spending your day getting around museums learning the little details behind big historical events? If you’re visiting Havana, here’s a list of a few museums you can’t afford to miss.

3 Reasons to Travel to Havana During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it seems like a good time to start making plans. Maybe the last couple of years have been great, but you know your family would appreciate something new. Picture it. A memorable getaway with your family and friends. No cold weather, the perfect temperature, Latin music, and nothing but charming vibes all around as you embrace the little things. Now that’s something to be grateful for.