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When is The Best Time to Visit Cuba?

15 June 2019

Travelling to Cuba is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only is it a wonderful country, with a fantastic atmosphere that infects travellers from the first moment they step on it. In addition, Cuba has dreamy beaches, very rich and varied gastronomy, splendid coffee and beautiful natural parks.


There are many reasons why travellers are always considering Cuba to be their next travel destination. And if you want to when is the best time to travel to Cuba, here’s a whole article that might help you out.


The best time to visit Cuba

With a destination that is only about 170 km away from the coasts of Florida, the number of tourists has increased, and it has totally changed the environment that can be breathed in Cuba today.


Peak season in Cuba

The high season in Cuba occurs in the months in July and August, which coincides with most holidays throughout the northern hemisphere and has a large influx of tourists.


In July and August, temperatures are between 30 °C and 32 °C.


Winter is another peak season in Cuba because it coincides with the holidays for most Cubans. And both Havana and the beaches is when more people present. Coinciding with very celebrated local parties or events like Christmas. And it is difficult to find in the world a country that has so many popular celebrations as in Cuba more than 370 popular and traditional festivals are celebrated throughout the year.


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