Why Varadero is The Most Visited Beach in the Caribbean

Varadero beach in Cuba is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean. A dazzling landscape of sea and sand for a dream vacation. Varadero is a city in the municipality of Cárdenas, Cuba. Located on the Hicacos peninsula, Matanzas province, 130 kilometres east of the capital, Havana. Varadero is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and one of the most beautiful in the world. If you think of a summer getaway to fun and relaxation, think of Varadero Beach.

Today, Varadero Beach is a well-known name all over the world. The town was initially a small village founded in 1887. Back then, making the trip from Havana to Varadero was costly. By 1926 the first hotel was built. From then on it was the American upper class that began to spend seasons on these white sand beaches and blue sea. Many American mansions were also built that embellished the landscape and increased tourism.

The great tourism boom of Playa Varadero came with the massive construction of hotels in the 1990s. Tourism has made Varadero flourish, which is considered today, one of the municipalities with the highest standard of living in Cuba. Varadero’s hotel is also considered one of the largest infrastructures in the Caribbean and Latin America. Tourism generated by more than one million visitors a year is growing every day.

A paradise of white sands and blue sea where the sun always shines, the sun is Playa Varadero in Cuba. It has more than 20 km of beaches stretching over a narrow peninsula. It is a lovely postcard of a holiday, where you can always enjoy relaxation and fun. On its beaches, it is common to practice yachting, fishing and diving. Kayaking or boat tours are also very popular.

But in addition to sports, you should know more about the city of Varadero. Explore the Varahíacos Ecological Reserve that features a 500-year-old giant cactus called “El Patriarca”. There are also visits to Saturn Cave with underground caves of stunning beauty. In these caves, you can also enjoy a swim or dive. There’s also the Josone Park with 1940s mansion with a lake perfect for a boat ride.

Cuisine in Varadero has highly praised thanks to its Spanish, African and Caribbean influences. During your stay, you can the top gastronomy in the Varadero area a variety of rich dishes of Cuban cuisine. The Creole ajiaco, the beef mince, the eastern congrí, the cassava with mojo and of course many dishes of fish and seafood. Like any kitchen, there are also delicious desserts and the most delicious coffee in the world. You won’t ask for more.

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This will be a short text highlighting Letty’s authority to write about travel and tourism topics. No more that a couple of short paragraphs like this. It will be the same for all future posts.

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