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What’s Cayo Guillermo And Why We Call it Paradise

3 June 2019

Cuba, as you know it, is an archipelago that consists of 4195 cays, islets and islands. These are grouped in 4 other archipelagoes: Colorado Archipelago, north of Pinar del Río; Sabana Archipelago – Camaguey or Jardines del Rey, which extends from Punta Hicacos in Matanzas, to the beach of Santa Lucia in Camaguey; Queen’s Gardens Archipelago, south of the island from Sancti Spíritus to the west of Granma; and the Los Canarreos Archipelago, also to the south, from Pinar del Río to Cienfuegos, and including Isla de la Juventud and Cayo Largo del Sur.

The most economical means to travel through Cuba and also to the cays is the Viazul bus. There is only one small problem and it is that when we talk about Cayos and of some other city, these buses do not communicate among all the populations of Cuba even if they are of some importance, as is the case of Morón.

Specifically, in Jardines del Rey are the third and fourth important island of the Cuban archipelago: Cayo Romano with 936 km2 and Cayo Coco, with about 800 km2. Other islands of this group are Cayo Santa María, Cayo Las Brujas and Cayo Guillermo; all three of great tourist importance.


Cayo Guillermo

One of the fastest-growing destinations in the Cuban tourism sector is Jardines del Rey. Within it, Cayo Guillermo occupies a special place for the beauty of its natural environment and the richness of its flora and fauna.

This popular tourist destination has five kilometres of beaches, among which is Playa Pilar. It is said to be named after the American writer and Nobel Prize in Literature’s ship Ernest Hemingway. It is considered among the best in Cuba for the quality and width of its strip of sand, its crystal-clear waters and the natural richness of the seabed.

Cayo Guillermo also owns the highest dunes in the Caribbean Insular and develops a project for its conservation, for tourism activity to coexist in harmony with the natural environment in which it develops.


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