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Smart Travel: 4 Things to Know Before Visiting Cuba

15 May 2019

If you’re planning to visit Cuba this 2019, here are our best tips for making your trip to fabulous Havana, the smoothest trip.


  1. Forget roaming, it won’t work

Internet doesn’t work the same in Cuba as it works back home. At this point, you should’ve figured out that there’s no point in activating roaming on your cellphone when you arrive in Cuba. It won’t work and you’ll be charged big time. Our recommendation is to use a prepaid wireless phone with a Cuban operator in case you need to keep in touch with anyone back in us. 

According to the Federal Communications Commission here’s what you should do:

“Once you arrive in Cuba, you can rent a mobile phone from Cubacel. There are Cubacel offices in Terminals #2 and #3 at José Martí International Airport in Havana. Cubacel charges a one-time refundable deposit of CUC$100 (US$100), plus a daily fee of CUC$10 (US$10). Additionally, you should expect to pay all of the applicable per-minute call charges – approximately CUC$0.35 (US$0.35) per minute for calls within Cuba and CUC$1.85 (US$1.85) per minute for calls to the United States. Outgoing text messages cost CUC$0.16 (US$0.16) to send within Cuba and CUC$1 (US$1.00) to send abroad, and data are not available.”

Also, keep in mind there’s Wi-Fi across different major hotels and resorts in Cuba, and while hourly rates can be expensive at $10 max, it’s the best you can get.


  1. Pack for emergencies

If you want your travel to Havana to go as smooth as possible, you need to be prepared for every possible situation. Bring your own toothbrush –it may be difficult to buy one there. Consider bringing mosquito repellant, a thorough medical kit, filtered water bottles (yes, at least a big one for your room at the hotel.) and a power bank or portable charger.


  1. Prong adapters

Now that we talk about charging and electronics, you shouldn’t have a problem with the electronic current in Cuba. What you should keep in mind is to bring a plug adapter, as it is usual to find the typical 2 prongs flat plug. You’ll need a 3-Prong to 2-Prong adapter grounding converter easily found at Amazon or your local electronics store. 


  1. Travel insurance is a must

Travel insurance should be your top priority anytime you travel. With Cuba, that’s not an exception. In addition to the corresponding visa –which is easily issued, having travel insurance is mandatory from 01 May 2010. Luckily, this shouldn’t worry you as we can help you get everything for your trip to Cuba, in one sitting.


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