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Can Americans Travel to Cuba? Here’s What You Should Know

27 August 2018

If you’ve been fantasizing about the idea of visiting beautiful Varadero now that Americans can travel to Cuba legally only under one of the 12 The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) approved categories. With Letty’s Cuba, you can rest assured you’ll find everything you need for your next trip to Cuba.


For instance, you can visit Cuba without a tour guide and on your own if you speak Spanish and you’re willing to support the Cuban people. You can also join a sports tournament and involve the locals to foster cultural exchanges. Connecting, with the Cuban people in a meaningful way should be your ultimate goal while visiting the island.

Now let’s head straight into those categories:

  1. Family Visits
  2. Official Business of the US Government
  3. Journalistic Activities
  4. Professional Research & Meetings
  5. Educational Activities
  6. Religious Activities
  7. Public Performances
  8. Athletic/Non-Athletic Competitions & Exhibitions
  9. Support for the Cuban People
  10. Humanitarian Projects
  11. Activities of Private Foundations/Research/Educational Institutes
  12. Exportation/Importation/Transmission of Information Material

What to avoid

  • Avoid staying at hotels explicitly banned by the US State Department as well as spending money at military-owned businesses. Here’s a detailed list
  • Keep a record of your activities and anything you do in Cuba. Try not to bypass any of the 12 approved categories under any circumstance.
  • Think “private.” Everything from private cars, private restaurants, private hotels and everything related is good to go.

Visiting Cuba

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If you want to know more about your next trip to Cuba, keep reading our BLOG!