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Travel to Cuba – 6 Insiders’ Tips

25 April 2019
  1. It’s all in the suitcase

I’m a strong advocate of carrying the fewest things when travelling, but Cuba is different. Once there, given the economic situation of the island, it will be very difficult to find most of the items, even the most basic ones like toothpaste.


  1. Hire travel insurance

The government of Cuba requires those who travel to the island to have medical insurance contracted, but it is highly recommended to also take out travel insurance that covers unforeseen events such as loss of luggage, cancellation fees or liability.


  1. Forget about the internet (for a while)

There is no internet in most of the island. Where you can connect, especially in some hotels, the connection is slow and expensive. And don’t even think about using your mobile to connect via roaming, as your bill could exceed the cost of your trip. In this situation I make two recommendations:

  • Make the necessary preparations like a good guide, maps of the roads and knowing which main cities you are going to visit.

– Take a technological break and prepare for a self-detox from electronic devices.


  1. Learn about weather conditions

Like any other tropical country, Cuba has two different seasons:

Rainy season: from May to October. It usually rains every day for a couple of hours. Although it is heavy rains life does not stop during the slam, so a good raincoat will allow you to continue with your traveller- routine.

Dry season: from November to April. The weather is dry and hot. It’s the perfect time to get to know the island.


  1. Try local food

 Local food is a part of the culture that we should know if we want to get a better idea of what the place we are visiting is like. However, with a minimum of care since our stomachs are not prepared for which products. Try not to eat uncooked products, attentive to the spicy, drink a lot of water and always bottled and watch with the street ice cream stands, as they usually use local water for their elaboration. In Cuba, it is best to have some local currency (CUP) to eat in the establishments where the same Cubans eat. They are more authentic and much cheaper.


  1. Protect yourself from the sun

Don’t forget you’re in the tropics. Radiation from the sun can be very strong even on cloudy days. Forgetting sun cream can be a difficult health problem to solve because, as I mentioned, it is not easy to find some basic products.


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